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Transmission Repair Reviews
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Transmission Repair Reviews IN PORTLAND OR AND VANCOUVER WA

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Individual Reviews

Transmission rebuild

5 Stars

February 11, 2018 by Gerald on River City Transmissions

It's been a year in a half since my rebuilt transmission and my 1993 Ford Mustang runs as if it was brand new. Reasonably priced and with great customer service. I am thinking for my next service, it will be the differential at River City Transmission. May even do some upgrades. I am planning to traveling from coast to coast one summer soon. I appreciate my 25 year old car more than ever because it feels so new and it was my Dads who passed in 2004. Thank you


5 Stars

November 21, 2017 by Brandon B. on River City Transmissions

I took my 2001 Acura CL to River City because I knew the transmission was probably shot. These cars and their twin the Acura TL have notoriously common transmission problem. Sure enough, one day, my transmission started slipping really bad. I took it to RiverCIty for an estimate and he gave me a somewhat large range, but still reasonable even at the top of the range. I left the car with them early on a Monday morning for a transmission rebuild and it was ready on Wednesday. I waited about a month to review to see if any problems cropped up, but the transmission is shifting like new and I have no complaints. I did end up paying $200 over the top price of the range he gave in the estimate, but he warned me that it could be more if they needed to replace parts, and they did indeed need to replace a gear.

Honest Estimate and Expert Work

5 Stars

October 25, 2017 by Debilyn R. on River City Transmissions

River City Transmissions is exactly the transmission shop you are looking for: you will get an honest estimate, followed by expert work. The dealership wanted to drop a brand new manual transmission into my MX-5, but Scott at River City had the expertise required to overhaul it-- for one-fourth the cost.

Fair Price

5 Stars

September 22, 2017 by Tsai-Xing W. on River City Transmissions

I brought my car here because of an issue with the transmission fluid sensor. They gave me a fair price and was able to replace the sensor after it failed the second time. I felt like they were honest and would recommend them. Thank you River City Transmissions 🙂

Incredible Service

5 Stars

September 15, 2017 by Yuji T. on River City Transmissions

Scott & Co are incredible. They fixed up my transmission, told me in detail what was skipped in a prior rebuild, didn't charge me for a full rebuild & suggested a cheaper fix. Took it back in a few weeks later for new problems, and they fixed a solenoid free of charge AND on rush -- I needed it for a trip planned this weekend. Came recommended from my local land cruiser shop.

Look No Further

5 Stars

July 24, 2017 by Sean A. on River City Transmissions

RCT is the place to bring your weird transmission issues. Complementary diagnosis, usually same day. Talk about nice people, Scott is the most down to earth guy with impeccable listening skills. Within 5 mins he had a prelim diagnosis, and was willing to discuss the issues he observed plus your options for repair. Reads the codes, test drives, looks for rebuilt transmissions or new depending on your budget. Heck, he even entertained my suggestion to fix my transmission (obviously this takes lots of hours of work pulling it out and bench work to take it all apart). Transmission issues will always take plenty of hours of labor, and they still had the lowest quote. If you need a recommendation for Transmission work, look no further.

5 Stars

5 Stars

July 1, 2017 by Jake Pruett on River City Transmissions

5 Stars

So Great

5 Stars

May 30, 2017 by Nacey on River City Transmissions

Scott was great. So great we brought two vehicles to him to repair. We had one vehicle that needed a new viscous coupler - we contacted 3 guys for this one all quoted above $1800. One even kept the car for a week just trying to get prices for parts and came back with a range going up to $3000. Scott looked up the parts and provided an estimate on the spot. Vehicle was fixed within a week and even came in under $1800; His service style is relaxed and straight to the problem at hand, and willingly gave us a lift after dropping off the vehicle. The other vehicle had bad axle bearings. Again Scott assessed and fixed the problem quickly.

Amazing Price, Quality Work

5 Stars

May 17, 2017 by Reece buckland on River City Transmissions

I usually don't write reviews, but this shop deserves it. Not only did they quote me with an amazing price (cheapest of 5 other shops) they finished it with great quality work, at the bottom of the quoted price range and with a great 12 month warranty. A shop that is that confident in their work is rare these days. Scott was a great guy to deal with. He did the inspection without a bit of hesitation. Most shops like to charge for it, which is ridiculous. I had some differential work done. Choose these guys you won't regret it!

Job Well Done

5 Stars

May 10, 2017 by Teresa McLucas on River City Transmissions

Very good service. Job well done. Thank you for taking take of us.

Scott is Great!

5 Stars

May 8, 2017 by Parker Marshall on River City Transmissions

Scott is great! He will help you out when you need it and does not pull your leg. I believe its a family office and all the mechanics there are super cool. Will keep coming back.

Well it was indeed worse

5 Stars

May 1, 2017 by Jim Stenson on River City Transmissions

In my last post I said that if the problem were bigger, I'd still be happy with the services and help I received...well it was bigger than originally thought, but Scott and crew fixed everything and left us with a much better vehicle than when we first drug it into his shop. His estimate was spot on and we are still very happy with the help and service.

Trustworthy and Honest

5 Stars

April 23, 2017 by englishjde on River City Transmissions

We have been customers of River City Transmissions for many years. Scott has worked on 4 of our vehicles now and is very trustworthy and honest. We had recently taken one of our vehicles into Toyota for routine maintenance when they quoted us over $1,000 in work that needed to be done. We ended up taking it to River City and after Scott looked it over, he said it was all ok and they were just trying to sell us that maintenance package. He always takes the time to go through with what problems our vehicles are having and quotes us the best rates in town. We have happily referred many family and friends over to Scott as we know we can trust their work.


5 Stars

April 18, 2017 by Kristi Sanders on River City Transmissions

I can't say enough how amazing this place is. I towed my broke ass brand new dodge over there and not only did he diagnose it, he totally didnt attack my pocket book with outlandish prices--in fact he is letting me source my parts since I get military discount. So many shops flat refuse to do this, because they need the markup. I LOVE this shop, and the family that runs it. I wish all shops operated with this integrity and honesty.

Highly Recommended

5 Stars

April 12, 2017 by James Stenson on River City Transmissions

If there were more stars to give - I'd give 'em. Scott not only "took in" our problem Ford Explorer with no reservation, he made room in their otherwise busy schedule to diagnose and repair the car. He and the folks there who helped us are, as far as I am concerned - simply great. Thanks to you all for such a great - job, Even if the problem had turned out to be bigger than it was, I would still have been completely satisfied with their effort, customer service and clear willingness to be the solution to a problem.


5 Stars

February 18, 2017 by Nancy on River City Transmissions

I took my 2002 Ford Explorer to Scott at River City Transmissions based positive internet reviews. I was NOT disappointed. Scott and his wife are courteous, straightforward and friendly. After a cursory examination he explained what he expected to find once he removed the covers and found the problem. He provided a worst case cost range for the work to be performed, but reiterated that cost could be less depending on what he found. Indeed, it was substantially less than Scott's "worst case" estimate and about 40% of the cost quoted by the Ford dealer. I doubt the Ford dealer would have informed me of the work that did not need to be performed. River City Transmissions is honest and performs quality work. You can trust them with your business.

A Business With Integrity

5 Stars

November 29, 2016 by Sunshine Crone on River City Transmissions

I chose Larry's/River City because they are in my neighborhood and they have great reviews. I don't often review, but they are a rare gem. I went in prepared to fork over 2,000+ dollars, the bill came to $129. They could have easily scammed me and they didn't. My 15 year old Town & County has 130k miles. When I took it in, I had to limp it all the way there and the shifting was worsening greatly by the day- to the point of not going into gear at all many times. They performed a standard service and it's good as new, shifts like butter. I'm telling all my friends about this place. Love me a business with integrity and honest people. Way to go guys. You'll have my business for years to come. Thank you.


5 Stars

October 8, 2016 by Jesse on River City Transmissions

i'm so happy with my car right now. I let the transmission problems get so bad I almost sold my old Subaru. I just got it back from river city Transmissions and it drives like new again. Scott was easy to deal with and stayed late for me to pick my car up after work. I paid less than if I had gone to one of the bigger shops in town.

Knowledge and HONEST

5 Stars

September 23, 2016 by Mark Young on River City Transmissions

With all the noise coming from my front end in reverse, and right between my seats while in drive, I thought the issue was transmission related. My brother thought it was a loose exhaust system. Well, Lane drove it, tested it for a loose,or broken front motor mount with me standing right there, and saved me a couple thousand dollars in my mind. The broken motor mount was causing the exhaust to make a wicked rattle, like something was going to fly off! Lane knew what it was immediately. He said they were backed up about ten days, but he would do his best to squeeze me in. Within 48 hours, and not 2 weeks later, I had my car back for just over a $100!!! Thanks again Lane, and Scott for getting me in with such short notice, and making my car safe again!

Awesome Service and Great Work!

5 Stars

August 24, 2016 by Adrienne Hatkin on River City Transmissions

Scott was a huge help. He negotiated with our warranty company to get us a new transmission (the warranty people wanted to swap ours out with one that had 160k miles on it). They installed the new transmission quickly and got the van back to me in time for me to work on the weekend, like I'd requested. Awesome service and great work, highly recommended!
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