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Eagle Transmission & Clutch Repair

Eagle Transmission clutch repair replacement services provided by River City Transmissions serving Portland OR and CLACKAMAS ORWhen Chrysler took over AMC in the mid-80s, they renamed the entire line “Eagle” after the company’s line of four-wheel drive cars. Between the purchase and their closing in 1999, the company’s offerings included rebadged Mitsubishis, Diamond Star Motors sports cars, Renault sedans and cab-forward Chryslers. River City Transmissions can help keep your car on the road whether you have a turbocharged Talon or a loaded Premier.

What Issues Can Be Resolved When I Bring in My Eagle for Transmission Repair?

At some point it will be necessary to bring in any manual transmission Eagle for clutch replacement as the clutch rubs against the flywheel with each shift, wearing down over time. Parts failures and poor repairs can also cause problems with the throw-out bearing, shift linkage, and the cable or hydraulically-actuated systems that operate the clutch, sometimes mimicking clutch failure. When you bring in your Eagle for clutch replacement, we look at the whole drivetrain to make sure there isn’t another underlying cause.

There are several possible points of failure in an automatic from the torque converter connecting the transmission to the engine to the clutch bands and servos shifting the gears and the electronic components controlling the whole unit. The failure of these components can cause slipping, gear hunting, and in extreme cases, failure to turn the wheels.

Having issues with an original Eagle or an AWD Talon? River City Transmissions can do more for your Eagle than just transmission repair. We can diagnose and repair the entire drivetrain, fixing issues with the brand’s transfer cases and limited slip differentials.

Get Your Eagle Transmission Repair Done Right the First Time at River City Transmissions

eagle transmission repair services provided by River City Transmission serving Clackamas OR and Portland ORWhen you bring your Eagle in for clutch replacement or transmission repair at River City Transmissions, you’re getting service backed by ASE certification and over 25 years of experience in the industry. Worried about how long it will take or how much it will cost? Bring it in for an inspection, and we’ll let you know exactly what is causing your car’s problem and what it will take to fix it before you have to spend a dime.

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