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River City Transmissions is a great place to go for Hyundai transmission repair whether your car uses Hyundai’s own Powertech models or the ZF’s found in some of their rear wheel drive cars.

What can go wrong with my Hyundai transmission?

Hyundai Transmission Repair and Clutch Service by River City Transmission in NE and SE Portland ORMost manual transmission problems stem from the clutch because if it can’t engage, the power from the engine can’t reach the wheels. There are lots of reasons this could happen: a worn clutch disc, air in a hydraulically operated clutch, a broken clutch cable, or a misadjusted linkage. Even if your Hyundai had clutch repair done recently, some of the parts may not work together, keeping the clutch from working smoothly. Internally, manual transmissions are simple, but a misaligned shift fork or worn synchro’s can make shifting difficult if not impossible.

You may still need to bring in an automatic Hyundai for clutch repair: clutch bands are used to engage the gears, and these can wear out just like a manual clutch, preventing shifts. Low or burnt fluid can wreak havoc on these bands, as well as the torque converter, which connects the engine and transmission together. All this is controlled using a computer and sensors, which can also fail. For Hyundai’s, it’s not uncommon to get error codes due to differences in input and output shaft sensors, which could be anything from a bad sensor to failing internal components.

Why should I go to Hyundai transmission repair at River City Transmissions?

When you bring your car to River City Transmissions, we’ll do a complete inspection, free of charge, to determine the problem. That means you’ll know what is causing the problem, what it will take to repair, and how much it will cost before having the issue fixed. With ASE certification and over 25 years of experience, we have the tools and knowhow to fix your transmission problems, whether you just need a fluid change or a complete rebuild.

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