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Volkswagon VW auto repair, transmission replacement and clutch repair in southeast Portland OR by River City Transmission

The purpose of your car’s transmission is to transfer the appropriate amount of power to your vehicle’s wheels, affecting the ability to drive at any given speed. If the transmission in your Volkswagen isn’t operating properly, you may not be able to drive whatsoever! The mechanics at River City Transmissions are the local leaders in Volkswagen transmission repair—bring your Volkswagen in today so we can fix your transmission!

Volkswagen Transmission Repair Signs & Symptoms

Here are some clear indications that your Volkswagen transmission needs to be looked at:

  • Burning smell: It could be caused by a number of issues, but if the burning smell is not coming from the tires, it might be your transmission!
  • Noise: Your car should never make any loud or knocking sounds when idling.
  • Gear slippage: Are you having a hard time shifting gears, or does it take longer to shift than normal?
  • Leaking fluid: This is a huge indication that something is wrong with your vehicle!
  • Check engine light: This may not be your transmission, but it is definitely a problem–especially accompanied by any of the above signs!

Common Transmission Problems in Volkswagens

While Volkswagens are typically known to have few transmission issues, there are several reported problems that are common with the brand.

  1. While Volkswagen’s Tiptronic transmissions use modern, cutting-edge technology, there have been reports of hard shifts from gear 1 to 2, irregular shifting from gear 3 to 4, and a shudder in the torque converter.
  2. Occasionally, an important solenoid known as N89 may experience failure, causing sudden shifts from gear 4 to gear 1 when shifting from gear 3 to gear 4 and in turn decelerating the vehicle.
  3. The DSG system in Jetta models have been reported to have a faulty temperature sensor that results in a false negative lighting of the warning lamps on the dashboard. In very rare instances, this sensor has resulted in transmission slips, but affected vehicles have been recalled.
  4. Recalled vehicles have also had reports of a faulty clutch component, which causes sudden downshifts.

If any of these common transmission issues are affecting your Volkswagen, bring your car in to be fixed by the ASE certified Volkswagen transmission repair experts at River City Transmissions. All transmission repairs are guaranteed, and the goal is your complete satisfaction and trust in driving your Volkswagen!


Volkswagen Transmission Rebuild or Repair?

As soon as you bring your Volkswagen in for a transmission inspection, River City mechanics will fully inspect and diagnose any issues that must be repaired. A trained and experienced mechanic will determine and provide you with a fair estimate, working with you to decide whether a repair or complete rebuild is the best way to progress. Depending on the extent of the transmission damage and the age of your car, a total transmission rebuild might end up saving you money. This is why it’s important to bring your vehicle to us at the first sign of transmission trouble—if we can catch the problem early, we might be able to avoid a complete rebuild!


Choose River City for Your Volkswagen Transmission Repair

Because car transmissions are complex, it’s important to find an experienced transmission mechanic and you can rest assured the team at River City Transmissions in Portland OR will provide you with a proper diagnosis and satisfactory repair. We specialize in all things to do with transmissions, including repair, rebuilds, and new transmission replacements! We also offer towing packages for heavy duty applications, economy for fuel saving applications, or speed and torque for racing applications. When it comes time to have your automatic or manual transmission repaired, or your transmission serviced, our experience and diagnostic training makes River City Transmissions the top choice for Volkswagen transmission repair.


Volkswagon VW auto repair, transmission replacement and clutch repair in southeast Portland OR by River City Transmission

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