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Mercedes Benz Transmission Repair Services at River City Transmissons Center in Portland ORThere are several signs that indicate your Mercedes-Benz may be experiencing transmission failure, which could likely inhibit your ability to drive. No matter the sign, a faulty transmission warrants immediate repair, and there’s no better place to bring your vehicle than River City Transmissions. As local leaders in Mercedes-Benz transmission repair, you can trust we will do everything to diagnose, repair, and prevent any transmission trouble your car may be experiencing.

Mercedes-Benz Transmission Repair Signs & Symptoms

Here are some clear indications that your Mercedes-Benz transmission needs to be looked at:

  • Burning smell: It could be caused by a number of issues, but if the burning smell is not coming from the tires, it might be your transmission!
  • Noise: Your car should never make any loud or knocking sounds when idling.
  • Gear slippage: Are you having a hard time shifting gears, or does it take longer to shift than normal?
  • Leaking fluid: This is a huge indication that something is wrong with your vehicle!
  • Check engine light: This may not be your transmission, but it is definitely a problem–especially accompanied by any of the above signs!

Top Mercedes-Benz Transmission Issues

While there are a number of transmission problems that can affect your Mercedes-Benz, the following list describes some of the most common issues.

  1. Transmission fluid issues: If your vehicle senses any shift in the fluid levels, it will go into limp mode. This means your car will not be able to shift gears, often triggering your check engine light.
  2. Delayed and/or rough shifting: This is also an indicator that the fluid levels in your transmission are either too low or high.
  3. Failure to shift gears: Unlike your car going into limp mode, the failure to shift gears involved your vehicle slipping into neutral or failing to go into gear whatsoever. While this may be caused by fluid levels, it could also be a result of your shift linkage.

If any of the previously mentioned transmission issues are stopping you from driving your Mercedes-Benz, don’t wait to bring in your car to be diagnosed by the ASE certified Mercedes-Benz transmission repair experts at River City Transmissions! All repairs are guaranteed, and our goal is customer satisfaction.


Mercedes-Benz Transmission Rebuild or Repair?

Upon bringing in your car to River City Transmissions, our experienced and trustworthy mechanics will thoroughly evaluate any problems, provide you with a fair estimate, and explain the repairs needed. We pride ourselves on our goal to work with our customers to determine whether your transmission needs repair or a complete rebuild. Depending on the the amount of damage as well as the age of vehicle, a total transmission rebuild can even end up saving you money. If transmission problems are caught early on in the process, we may be able to avoid a complete rebuild; this is why it’s important to bring in your vehicle to River City mechanics at the first signs of transmission failure!

Choose River City for Your Mercedes-Benz Transmission Repair

The repair of car transmissions can be a tricky and complex process, which is why it’s essential to bring your car in to get the opinion of a seasoned mechanic. At River City Transmissions in Portland OR, we will provide you with an accurate diagnosis and reliable service you can trust. We specialize in all matters involving transmissions, including repair, rebuilds, and new transmission replacements. As the local leaders for Mercedes-Benz transmission repair, River City mechanics are the best option for diagnosing and repairing your vehicle’s transmission.

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