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acura auto repair, transmission and clutch repair in Clackamas Oregon by River City Transmission

Your transmission is a complex, vital component in your vehicle. If your transmission isn’t functioning properly, it will prevent your vehicle from operating. In SE Portland Oregon and the surrounding area, River City Transmissions mechanics are the leaders in Acura transmission repair.

Acura Transmission Repair Signs & Symptoms

Your Acura transmission will give you clear signs it needs some attention:

  • Burning smell: Though it could be cause by any number of things, if a burning smell is not coming from the tires, and you experience other symptoms of clutch malfunction, you need to take it into a shop.
  • Noise: When idling, does your car thunk? Anything that causes a noise in your engine should be checked out, but it’s especially alarming if the car isn’t even moving.
  • Gears slipping: Is your Acura having a hard time shifting gears?
  • Leaking fluid: This is a huge indication that something is wrong with your vehicle!
  • Check engine light: This may not be your transmission, but it is absolutely a problem.

Linear Solenoid Failure in Acuras

Linear solenoids are electrical components that control a transmission’s internal pressure. In our experience, linear solenoid failure is the number one reason for Acura transmission failures. When you take your car into River City Transmissions, we’ll be able to diagnose the issue and fix your transmission right the first time!

Acura Transmission Rebuild or Repair?

Until we can see your transmission, we won’t be able to properly diagnose the issue. We’ll give you a fair estimate, providing our diagnosis and recommendations, and we’ll work with you to determine whether a repair or complete rebuild is the smartest way to progress. Depending on the age of the car, or the extent of the transmission damage, a rebuild might end up saving you money! This is yet another reason to get your vehicle to us at the sign of transmission trouble–if we can catch the problem early, we might be able to avoid a complete rebuild.

Choose River City for Your Acura Transmission Repair

At River City Transmissions, you can rest assured that the proper diagnosis of your Honda or Acura will be done to ensure a long lasting transmission rebuild. Because your transmission is complex, it’s important to find an experienced mechanic. Here at River City Transmissions, we specialize in all things to do with transmissions. When it comes time to have your automatic transmission repaired, or your transmission serviced, our experience and diagnostic training makes River City Transmissions the top choice for automatic transmission repair in the SE Portland OR and Clackamas areas.

Don’t trust just anyone with your Acura! At River City Transmissions we will rebuild your vehicle’s transmission or clutch to meet or even beat factory specifications, and back it all up with a 12 month, 12,000 mile nationwide warranty.

I took my 2001 Acura CL to River City because I knew the transmission was probably shot. These cars and their twin the Acura TL have notoriously common transmission problem. Sure enough, one day, my transmission started slipping really bad. I took it to River CIty and left the car with them early on a Monday morning for a transmission rebuild and it was ready on Wednesday. I waited about a month to review to see if any problems cropped up, but the transmission is shifting like new and I have no complaints. Update after 6 months. Transmission is still doing well. These guys did quality work on my car. –Brandon B.

acura auto repair, transmission and clutch repair in Portland Oregon and Clackamas Oregon by River City Transmission

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We only use Acura OEM Parts

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