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Clutches are found in manually shifted cars, otherwise known as “standards”. (Automatics typically use a system called a torque converter instead of a clutch) Your clutch works with your transmission and engine, transmitting energy from your engine to your wheels. If your car is experiencing clutch slipping or your clutch is squealing smoking or resisting, stop by our shop!

River City Transmissions is a transmission shop in Portland, OR and Clackamas, OR. We specialize in clutch repair, clutch replacement, and clutch installation services. And we service all makes and models of cars, both foreign and domestic. We believe in delivering only the best in quality car care, and we make sure you’re satisfied with the variety of clutch services we provide. And we provide free clutch evaluations!

What Causes Wear and Tear on Your Clutch

  1. Riding the clutch. While you should always engage your clutch smoothly (for the sake of everyone inside your car), just remember that when your clutch isn’t fully released, it’s in use! Don’t keep the clutch engaged at long stop lights, on hills, or in slow traffic.
  2. Shifting improperly. You need to be in gear before you let go of the clutch. Make sure the gear is fully engaged before releasing the clutch, and NEVER jam shift your gears.
  3. Burn-outs. There’s no faster way to burn out a clutch than to abuse it by burning out.
  4. Letting your friend drive your car. Do you know how they shift? Do they know how to shift? Unless you’ve seen them shift consistently and correctly, don’t risk your clutch.
  5. Increasing your engine’s power. This one is a little less common for most, but just remember: if you upgrade your engine, you have to upgrade your clutch, too!

Worn Clutch Symptoms

If you’re experiencing any of the signs below, you may need a clutch repair or clutch replacement. A transmission technician at River City Transmissions will be able to accurately diagnose what is exactly wrong with your clutch.

  • Clutch Slipping: Is your engine unexpectedly revving while your car is in gear? The clutch disc is slipping.
  • Clutch Vibration: When you engage the clutch from idling and start driving, does it shudder? The clutch could be contaminated by fluid or oil, or parts of your clutch could be so worn that they’re misaligned.
  • Clutch Smoke: This is an easy one. Is there a burnt smell coming from your clutch? A burning clutch smells like nothing else in a car–you’ll know it when you smell it.
  • Clutch Stiffness: This is a little harder to distinguish, but it’s just as important as the rest of these signs. If your clutch feels harder than normal or isn’t allowing for smooth engagement when initially shifting, you have a clutch problem.

Clutch Assembly Maintenance

Like most parts on your vehicle, your clutch needs proper care and maintenance. Typically, you should be able to drive approximately 80,000 miles before needing a clutch replacement. However, if you are rough on your clutch or do not take proper precautions, your clutch will start to malfunction at 35,000 miles. Proper care and maintenance are vital when it comes to your clutches lifespan. Clutches can vary quite depending on the make/model of a car, but common problems with clutches and the clutch support systems include:

  • Air in hydraulic line
  • Broken or stretched clutch cables
  • Malfunctioning slave and/or master clutch cylinders
  • Misadjusted linkage
  • Mismatched clutch components
  • Worn out clutch discs

Quality Clutch Diagnostic Services

Your vehicle’s clutch is comprised of many components that all wear down with regular use including the clutch itself, the flywheel or pilot bearing. So if your vehicle is showing signs of clutch failure, it can be difficult to find the source. Don’t spend extra money when you don’t have to, stop by River City Transmissions. The technicians at our transmission shop will use a lift, look underneath your car, and check your fluids, providing you with a proper clutch diagnosis all for free! Then we will help you determine the best course of action moving forward.

We believe in transparency, and promise to always be honest about the repairs performed on your vehicle. River City Transmissions prioritizes our customers’ needs, making sure you have the best auto repair service possible. Our customer service is focused on taking care of our friends and neighbors, and a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. So stop by our shop today, we look forward to helping your transmission perform as it was designed to!


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