Transmission Cooler Rebuild & Repair

S.E. Portland – Clackamas Oregon OR

transmission cooler auto repair, transmission and clutch replacement in SE Portland by River City TransmissionWith summer around the corner, now is the time to make sure your vehicle is up to date with all maintenance needs. The heat can be extremely detrimental to vehicles, and can be particularly hard on your transmission, especially for heavy duty vehicles and vehicles that tend to carry a full load. Your vehicle’s transmission is susceptible to heat damage because the fluid in the transmission heats, up causing destruction to internal components necessary for proper working order. The internal components in the transmission that are vulnerable to heat damage include the seals, gaskets and gears. The transmission cooling experts at River City Transmissions are here to offer transmission cooling solutions for those in the SE Portland and Clackamas OR areas, so you can get through the summer months with a properly working transmission.

Transmission Cooling Solutions

River City Transmissions is proud to offer you transmission cooling solutions for your truck, SUV, sedan or heavy duty vehicle. It is our goal to ensure your transmission is properly protected from the hot summer months, and we invite you to contact us today for more information. Below is a brief overview of the transmission cooling services we offer:

  • Transmission Cooler Sales– If you are in need of a transmission cooler for your vehicle, we have a variety of options depending on your specific needs. We have transmissions coolers available to suit a variety of vehicle sizes including heavy duty transmission coolers. Most transmission coolers come with a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Transmission Cooler Installation– Along with the superior quality transmission coolers we offer, River City Transmissions also performs top of the line transmission cooler installation services as well. We also offer a limited time workmanship guarantee on all transmission cooler installation services for your added peace of mind.
  • Transmission Cooler Diagnosis, Repair and Replacement– The ASE certified technicians at River City Transmissions can also conduct diagnosis and repair services for your troublesome transmission cooler. This may include replacing the seals, gaskets and gears within the transmission and/or replacement of the existing cooler.