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ASE Certified Audi Transmission Repair & Service

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Audi transmission repair in Portland OR - River City Transmissions

When you drive your car, you may take for granted how important a properly working transmission is. The transmission enables you to drive by transferring power from the engine to the wheels, meaning it’ll be pretty obvious when your transmission is failing. If the transmission in your Audi is not working, it is not safe to take your vehicle out onto the road and should be brought to a professional right away. At River City Transmissions, we specialize in Audi transmission repairs. Bring your car in today to be inspected by our professional mechanics!

Common Audi Transmission Problems

There are several transmission issues that have been reported by Audi owners. Some of the most common problems include:

  • Torque converter problems: Particularly in the A4 and A6 models, the torque converter’s clutch wears out with time. If the clutch gets jammed or minor jolts occur when shifting gears, there is a transmission problem.
  • Slow response from the gearbox: Especially in the A6 model, there have been reports of gear shifting feeling awkward while driving. It is likely there is a software issue that needs to be resolved by a specialist.
  • Low fluid levels: Just like with any car brand, low fluid levels are the cause of many transmission problems.

If any of these common transmission issues are affecting your ability to drive your Audi, drop off your car to be diagnosed by the ASE certified Audi transmission repair experts at River City Transmissions. Our team will work hard to fix any transmission problem you may be experiencing.

Repairing or Rebuilding Your Audi’s Transmission

At River City Transmissions, our specialists are committed to helping customers understand any problems that may be happening with their transmission. When you bring your Audi in, we will fully inspect and diagnose any issues that need to be addressed. From there, we will provide you with a fair estimate and discuss whether a rebuild or repair is needed. If we can catch the problem in its early stages, a simple repair is often all that is needed, which is why it’s important to have us inspect your car upon the first signs of transmission failure.

Choose River City for Your Audi Transmission Repair

In order to safely operate your vehicle, you must have a properly working transmission. To ensure your faulty or failing transmission is repaired correctly, bring your Audi in to be inspected by the experts at River City Transmissions. We promise to provide you with a trustworthy diagnosis and outstanding service. Our professionals are well-versed in transmission repair, rebuilds, and replacements, making us your one-stop shop. If you are noticing the signs of transmission failure in your Audi, our licensed mechanics have the experience to get you back out on the road.

We service and repair all Audi models

audi transmission repair & clutch replacement in SE Portland OR by River City TransmissionsA3 | A4 | A5 | A5 Cabriolet | S5 | S5 Cabriolet | A6 | A6 Avant | S6 | Q5 | Q7 | A7 | TT Coupe | A8 | TT Roadster | TTS Coupe | TTS Roadster | R8 | R8 Spyder

We only use Audi OEM Parts

Important Consumer Information Regarding Audi Transaxles:
Over the years, Audi has used many different manufacturers for their transmissions.

However, in later years, the majority have been manufactured by ZF Industries. Unfortunately, many of these transmissions are prone to parts breakage. Depending on the year, model and specific transmission used, the parts breakage can include loss of forward gears and/or reverse movement. Breakage can be due to parts wear and the life expectancy of these transmissions is approximately 100,000 miles. For these reasons River City Transmissions does not recommend installing used transmissions in Audi automobiles because the closer to 100,000 miles they are the more prone to failure they become. It is very time-consuming and expensive to remove and replace these transmissions only to find the condition of the replacement is as bad, or worse than the original.

At River City Transmissions worn and damaged parts are replaced with brand new OEM components that are guaranteed to last and keep your vehicle genuine. We will get your vehicle back on the road with a new
life expectancy equal to or greater than the original OEM
specifications. audi transmission repair and clutch repair in Portland OR & Clackamas Oregon by River City TransmissionsDon´t trust your high quality Audi automobile to shops that can ruin it with incorrect diagnoses and inferior craftsmanship. The first step to a high quality repair is the correct diagnosis so call River City Transmissions to schedule your Audi transmission repair. From there we will provide an accurate repair plan and estimate. No surprises, just good service and excellent work!


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